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Quarter-turn actuator

   Anodized aluminum enclosure via stearin and polyester powder coated, light weight,has a strong anti-corrosion ability.
   Protection class IP67 (Namur4 & 6),otherwise protection class IP68 product to choose from.
   Can be applied to a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
   Motor :- Specially designed squirrel cage induction motor starting torque to start quickly after    complaining peak,built in overheat, overload protection.
   With output high efficiency,high accuracy, low noise, small size andother characteristics.
   Hand operated institutions :- Manual clutch lever can be pulled to achieve manually, automatically reset afte power clutch can be electrically controlled functions.
   Limit switch :- Limit switch, high precision, can be used to facilitate the adjustment of the angular position of the valve limit switch.
   When the valve is provided when excessive torque overload protection and the protection of the angular position of the switch, protect the valve and actuator.
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