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Quarrer tum actuator

single/double acting pneumatic low-pressure actuators, are suitable for the operation of quarter turn valves (ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves) for ON-OFF and modulating heavy-duty service.
The actuator is made up of a waterproof scotch yoke mechanism transforming the linear movement of the pneumatic cylinder (on closing or opening) into the rotary movement, which is necessary for valve operation.
Actuator centerbody bottom wall is machined with threaded holes to allow actuator mounting on top of valve top-work either directly or, when required, with the interposition of an adaptor flange or a mounting bracket.
   Double acting or spring return modular design
   Operating pressure: pneumatic up to 12 Barg
   Operating temperature: -30<C to +100<C (lower or higher temperature available on request)
   Output torque: from 2.000 Nm up to 600.000 Nm for double acting version
   Spring Ending Torque: from 1.650 Nm up to 165.000 Nm for single acting version
   Standard pneumatic supply medium: air, nitrogen or sweet gas
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